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You Are So Loved!

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Our Story

'I Love You' The Movement, LLC was born out of a desire to show kindness to humanity, one person at a time. Its inception was brought about when I received a hug from someone on the same day I was going to take my own life. This random hug reminded me that I was not alone and someone cared.

An 'I Love You', in action, is one way we can respond to the amount of hate we see in our world and the loneliness we experience in our day. Small gestures can be the subtle reminders needed to remind someone of their importance.

For twenty-plus years, Felicia with the mission of the The Movement has been passing out hugs and saying 'I Love You' to strangers and friends alike! On October 4, 2017, Felicia introduced the concept of hugging and saying 'I Love You' to the world via Facebook; and we now have 5,000+ national and international supporters who participate in our various love campaigns throughout the year!

Please browse through the site resources and check out the latest additions to our apparel collections and accessories. The messages are intended to empower, inspire, and restore life into you as a supporter and to the reader. As each statement is one that I have personally had to lean into to overcome various mental health episodes and crises, specifically suicide ideation and attempt, I pray for your victory too! 


Felicia LaGail 





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